Our Commitment to Strengthening Our Relationship

At Coverforce, we are committed to building our relationship with Chinese business. We value Australia’s growing partnership with China and strive to build on our strong trade and investment relationship.

We have a dedicated team focused on your needs who find the best insurance solutions for you. We add value to your business by making relevant introductions and facilitating networking opportunities to help your business.

We are also active in the Chinese community and participate in cultural initiatives. Some initiatives include sponsorship of the 2017 New Spirit of Contemporary Chinese Art exhibition, and Lunar New Year and Moon Festival celebrations.

Our team is led by Andrew Ferguson, Executive Director at Coverforce. He brings over 30 years business experience at an executive level and a long family history in Australian politics.

Andrew is an active member in the Chinese speaking community in Sydney including in the following roles:

  • President of the China-NSW Australia Business Council,
  • Executive Member of the Australia China Young Ambassadors Program,
  • Active in establishing Sister City Relationships between cities in China and Australia,
  • Speaking at and attending relevant partnership events in China and Australia.

Another key member of this team is Joyce Xu, Business Development Consultant at Coverforce.  Joyce is fluent in both English and Mandarin, she is focused on enabling important introductions and adding value to your business. Joyce is also the Business Development Manager for the China-NSW Australia Business Council.

As Australia’s largest privately owned insurance broker, we care about delivering great insurance solutions that genuinely protect our clients’ interests.

We look forward to continuing to work with Chinese business and collaborating on future endeavours.

If you are interested in working with us or simply finding out more about how we can help you, contact our team today.

“The team at Coverforce are very professional, patient and took the time to get to know our business. We were impressed with the high level of professionalism they showed and the superior customer service experience. We would definitely recommend Coverforce to our friends and business associates in Australia and China.”

GT Hu, CEO, Country Garden Australia


“ Coverforce商务保险的团队非常专业,有耐心,花时间了解我们的业务。我们对他们高水平的专业精神和卓越的客户服务体验印象深刻。我们一定会向澳大利亚和中国的朋友和商业伙伴推荐Coverforce。”





我们的团队由Coverforce执行董事Andrew Ferguson领导。他有超过30年的行政管理经验和资深的家族政治背景。


  •  中国澳大利亚新南威尔士商会主席,
  • 澳大利亚中国青年大使项目执行会员,
  • 积极建立中国和澳大利亚姐妹城市关系,
  • 大型中国澳大利亚合作活动演讲嘉宾。

另一个关键成员是Joyce Xu,Coverforce的业务发展顾问。 Joyce中英文流利,专注为您业务增加价值。 另外,Joyce也是中国澳大利亚新南威尔士商会业务发展经理。




Andrew Ferguson, Executive Director
D: +61 2 9376 7814
M: +61 412 511 994
E: Andrew_ferguson@coverforce.com.au
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Joyce Xu, Business Development Consultant
D: +61 29376 7856
M: +61 468 933 544
E: Joyce_Xu@coverforce.com.au
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