Looking After Our Health and Ageing Population

Did you know that the Aged and Health Care sector now has the highest employment growth in Australia?

It’s important that as this industry continues to grow, you are on top of the best resources and strategies for managing the potential risks. We can help make you aware of these risks and keep you protected.

The Aged and Health care sector is an important and unique area that requires specialist skills and risk management. It’s important that you get the right aged care insurance and health care insurance packages that suit your specific needs.

What are the risks?

  • Legal and Public Liability for Personal Injury – our medical malpractice and public liability insurance will cover you if you are your staff have been negligent in the workplace. This covers you for any associated financial losses and also includes workers’ compensation insurance for employees.
  • Property Damage – you can protect yourself against this with our Property Insurance. This includes protection for loss to profits after the event.

There are also a range of other potential risks in this industry which we can assist with through our many other insurance products.

What can we do for you?

  • Help you to develop and improve your Care and Clinical Risk Management processes
  • Help you identify all potential risks and recommend strategies to manage them
  • Update you on relevant legislation and the latest insurance products suitable for you
  • Negotiate tailored insurance solutions for you thanks to our strong connections with insurers and specialist resources.

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