We know you’re busy. But in your industry, it’s crucial that you’re covered against the wide range of factors that could threaten your job and livelihood. So, we’ve made it our mission to make life easy for you.

Wealth management, financial advice and managing assets for clients and organisations all require in-depth knowledge and experience. You play an important role in people’s lives as they trust you to manage their money or give them advice on how they choose to manage it.

Our brokers have extensive experience in your industry. We can provide tailored, relevant and highly valuable advice and insurance solutions. Whether you’re a large financial organisation, small financial institution, Finance Professional or Financial Planner, we can help you.

Money is such an important element in people’s lives. Which means giving advice on what people do with their money can leave you open to receiving all the blame when things go wrong. You need to protect yourself against potential negative events, both in and out of your control.

What are the risks in the finance industry?

  • One of your clients may sue you for financial advice you’ve given them that doesn’t work out as planned.
  • The financial market might crash, affecting one or many of your clients also causing them to sue you.
  • A cyber-attack might occur where someone steals all of your clients’ valuable financial information.

Why choose Coverforce?

  • You get access to insurance markets both in Australia and overseas that allow us to offer you premium products at a great price.
  • Products tailored to suit your specific insurance requirements so you only pay for the insurance you need.
  • You will receive a FREE insurance health check on your current policy to identify any gaps and ensure you have the best cover possible.
  • We’re determined to make your life easier and give you the confidence to succeed.
  • Access to a policy that complies fully, and in many respects exceeds the Minimum Requirements set out in RG126.

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