Supporting our growing network of small businesses

According to the Huffington Post Australia, newly released figures reveal there are more than 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, up more than 21,500 on the previous year’s stats.

At Coverforce, we believe in supporting small businesses and helping you to succeed. No matter what your small business is, whether you’re an up and coming health or fast food chain, a childcare centre or a new construction business, we can create tailor made insurance products to help you start each day with confidence.

Do any of the below apply to you?

  • You are an established small business and know exactly what type of insurance you’re after
  • You have a small team of employees all working remotely
  • You have very specific and complex needs and an unusual business model
  • You are a new business and not sure what insurance you need
  • You work from home
  • You work from an office

If the answer is yes to any of the above, we can help you. Our talented insurance brokers can provide you with products that suit your specific needs.

What are the risks in the small business industry?

  • You or one of your employees may get sick or injured affecting work ability and productiveness
  • You could under budget your finances leaving you unable to pay suppliers and employees
  • Someone sues you for your idea or content
  • Someone sues you from inside or outside your company for professional negligence or plagiarism
  • Property or goods damage or theft

Why us?

We can provide you with a variety of small business insurance products to help prepare and protect you against these risks.

We genuinely care about helping small businesses to thrive and grow and understand that as a small business you can’t afford to take any of the above risks. Our team has widespread experience working alongside small businesses and making you our first priority so your business can prosper.

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