Article Posted | June 20, 2017

Important Insurance Terms: Explained

Understanding the key insurance terms used can help to ensure you are making an informed decision. Your insurance broker will also be able to further explain these definitions and how they relate to your own circumstances. Act of God An act of God (also known as a ‘Force Majeure’) refers to a na

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Article Posted | June 16, 2017

Sydney real estate agent loses $800,000 from trust fund to cyber crime

A principal in Sydney was horrified to witness $757,000 draining from his trust account recently – there was nothing he or his bank could do to stop it. The principal had logged into his online banking via security USB, and after attempting to make a transaction, received an unusual message cl

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Article Posted | May 16, 2017

Circuit breaker component recalled due to risk of electrical fire

Eaton Industries Pty Ltd has issued a product recall on all Eaton Quicklag ELQ Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers manufactured between 1 April 2004 and 15 December 2016. The recall follows the discovery of a non-compliant material used in its manufacture. This material may express ionised gases under sh

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Article Posted | May 10, 2017

Construction company issued with $1 Million fine following serious WHS breach

On Friday, NSW based construction company WGA Pty Ltd was issued with a landmark $1million fine, along with $50,000 in costs following serious Workplace Health & Safety offences. The landmark decision follows the electrocution of sub-contractor Christopher Cullen at a residential building site o

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Article Posted | April 24, 2017

10 ways to keep on top of your accounts this End of Financial Year

The End of the Financial Year is a busy time for all businesses, especially for small business owners who have to do a lot of the admin themselves.  As a result, some important tasks may slip through the cracks making the process more difficult than it needs to be. We’ve pulled together this chec

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Article Posted | April 10, 2017

How to prepare for a flood

Cyclone Debbie is the deadliest cyclone to affect Australia since Cyclone Tracy in 1974, killing twelve people, injuring many more and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. But the damage hasn’t stopped there. Over 650 homes have been deemed uninhabitable in Queensland, and the Insurance Coun

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Article Posted | March 30, 2017

Reporting data breaches will become mandatory

In early February, the Senate passed long-awaited mandatory data breach notification laws. Under the proposed laws, if any organisation governed by the Privacy Act determines they have been breached or have lost data will need to report the incident to the Privacy Commissioner. They will also need t

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Article Posted | March 6, 2017

Bid for new soccer team to represent South Sydney announced

A high profile  consortium of business, football and community leaders have joined forces with three local football associations to secure professional football for the region south of Sydney, covering the St George, Sutherland and the South Coast football communities. Coverforce Insurance Broking

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Article Posted | February 22, 2017

5 things you need to know as a small business owner

So you’re thinking of finally turning your dream idea into a reality and setting up your own small business? Or you’re already the proud owner of a small business that’s going well but could do with a bit of a revamp? There are a few basic business principles you need to master before opening

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Article Posted | January 24, 2017

Recent spate of drownings sparks need to review insurance coverage

The festive season is a time for celebrating, spending time with friends and family, and when Australian summers are as hot as this one – head to the pool. With increased time around the water comes an increased risk. Drowning deaths in Australia occur year round but generally peak in January. Thi

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