Information & Technology Insurance

As an IT professional, you are aware of the value of your own services, advice and experience within your area of expertise. Your professional service and advice may have significant financial and operational implications for your clients, so it is crucial that they receive appropriate advice and services from a trusted IT Professional.

Similarly, incorrect insurance advice can potentially result in financial disaster for businesses operating within the IT Industry. Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability insurance claims may result in multi-million dollar costs and settlements. Incorrect Insurance advice may result in a "gap" within your insurance program that could leave your business exposed to a substantial uninsured loss that may possibly cripple your business' finances and potentially damage your reputation. Obtaining an appropriate Indemnity Insurance policy for your business requires a high level of knowledge and access to the most suitable products and markets across Australia and worldwide, which is where Coverforce comes in. 

Our Professional Risk team has access to all local and international underwriting markets and has extensive skills in negotiating coverage across a broad spectrum of professional disciplines.

IT Industry Professionals understand the importance of obtaining informed advice from a trusted source.

At Coverforce, you are no more than a phone call away from the guidance and support of our friendly brokers.

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