Employee Journey Insurance

Employee Journey insurance is a personal injury cover that covers an employee whilst on a direct travel to or from normal place of residence and employment.

It was the Workers Compensation Act(s) that dictated whether “journey” cover would be applicable and this varied by State. As from June 2012, and aligned with other States, NSW effectively removed coverage for employees direct travel to and/or from work with possible ramifications on employers in respect of their duty of care to their employees.

Workers Compensation does not cover employee journey claims in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. This being the case, a worker travelling to and from work in these four states has no protection.

Coverage can be obtained for these workers at very good premiums, given economies of scale and leveraging buying power through an Employee Journey Insurance Policy. This type of policy will provide employees with up to 104 week’s salary should a covered incident occur.

Who needs Employee Journey Insurance?

All organisations that have employees in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and TAS should consider taking out an Employee Journey Insurance policy.

Note: An organisation’s public liability policy does not cover journey claims.


Important Tips

Generally once a member of staff is injured whilst travelling and is not covered, the issue becomes a catalyst for staff unrest. This is particularly so for employers with workers in more than one state as employees generally expect similar standards of coverage and benefits when compared with their interstate colleagues.


More Information

To obtain a quotation or further information on Employee Journey Insurance you can contact one of our experienced insurance brokers on 1300 503 503.

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