Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance can provide your business vehicle with broader coverage than that provided by a standard domestic motor vehicle policy. In addition to the standard coverage provided most policies have benefits that suit businesses for example; Automatic additions and deletions, sign writing, greater driver flexibility, higher legal liability limits etc.

At Coverforce, we are able to negotiate premiums based on a claims performance basis such as “burning cost” and claims experience discount.  Speak to one of our experienced brokers to find out more.

You can choose from the following cover options:


  • Fire & Theft & Third Party Property Damage
  • Third Party Property Damage only


Who needs Motor Fleet Insurance?

You should consider arranging a commercial motor vehicle insurance you are involved in a business that currently own or are planning to purchase one or more motor vehicles.


Important Tips

If you have vehicles on separate policies at different renewal dates, it is best to coordinate them under one single policy which makes it easier to manage and may lead to a decrease in overall premium cost. Premiums can then be arranged to be paid on an instalment basis if required.

Take care when purchasing a motor vehicle policy, cheaper is not always the best option.


More Information

To obtain a quotation or further information on Motor Fleet Insurance you can contact one of our experienced insurance brokers on 1300 503 503.

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