Surety & Contract Bonds

Coverforce is a leading provider of Surety and Contract Bonds to a range of businesses and industry here in Australia. With decades of experience and expertise in-house, or team can help navigate through the complexity and provide you with a simple and effective insurance solution, tailored to your own business need.


What are Surety and Contract Bonds?

Contract Bonds are primarily used in the construction and infrastructure sectors to cover performance obligations as well as offering a flexible alternative to bank guarantees or retention funds.


How do Surety and Contract Bonds work?

Surety and Contract Bonds are three party contracts where the “Surety” (typically an insurer) provides a guarantee to the Principal of a Contract that the contractor will carry out works according to the terms of the contract and will not default, the Principal of the Contract is the beneficiary of this bond not the contractor themselves - this is despite the fact that the Contractor arranges the bond and pays the premium.

Contract Bonds are primarily used in the Construction and Infrastructure sectors to cover performance obligations, as they offer a more flexible alternative to bank guarantees or retention funds and help to “free up” working capital. This is possible because Surety Bonds are unsecured, meaning they generally  require no tangible financial security to be put in place, leaving the contractor with the ability to use their often stretched working capital on financing projects rather than on guarantees.

Surety and Contract Bonds are unable to be cancelled by the Surety. In the event of a claim the Surety must pay the Principal their full entitlement under the Bond. However, the Surety retains the right to seek the full recovery of funds from the contractor. As  long as a contractor is deemed able to fulfil their contractual obligations, the risk to the Surety is relatively  low; therefore Bonds are able to be arranged with less emphasis on financial security and more on the performance and abilities of the contractors business.


Types of Surety and Contract Bonds

  • Performance Bonds
    Provides security to the beneficiary against contractor non-performance or default, and supports contractor obligations during the contract period.
  • Maintenance Bonds
    Secures contractor's post-completion obligations during the warranty or latent defects period, usually 3-12 months post-completion
  • Bid Bonds
    Supports a contractors bid to tender to ensure that they will enter into a contract if accepted
  • Advance Payment Bonds
    Secures the beneficiary's position on funds advanced to the contractor for capital purchases or site preparation
  • Retention Release Bonds
    Provide security to the beneficiary when the contractor is advanced funds from the retention fund


Off-Site Material Bonds

If goods or materials are held off site and paid for by the beneficiary, the bond responds if the goods or materials are not available when required for use in the contract



  •  Corporate Questionnaire - Facility Application PDF

  •  Specific Bond Application PDF

  •  Statement of Position PDF

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