Workers Compensation Insurance

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation generally provides for:

  • Payment of a percentage of injured workers wages whilst they are unfit for work
  • Compensation for lost earnings for workers who are forced to work at a reduced level due to an injury
  • Payment of medical, hospital, chemist and other treatment costs related to a work injury
  • Costs involved in rehabilitating an injured worker so they can return to work

There are a variety of Workers Compensation Schemes in Australia. In general, either an insurer, the Workers Compensation authority in the state or an agent of the authority issues policies, collect premiums and manage claims for injured workers.


Who needs Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers Compensation insurance is a compulsory insurance that all employers must take out for their workers. The definition of a Worker varies slightly for in each state, however generally Workers include; anyone receiving a wage or commission from your business, including casual employees, temporary employees and in some cases even contractors.

If you are unsure about whether you should be taking out Workers Compensation insurance, you can visit the WorkCover NSW website at or contact a similar body in your state.


Important Tips

Workers Compensation premiums can be quite complicated and you should always seek advice to ensure you have the right information about your business, wage records and obligations as an employer.

If one of your workers is injured there are a number of requirements placed on you including; reporting the injury, assisting the worker in their return to work and cooperating with the insurer and other service providers.

The effect of a claim can be quite significant on your premium. Maintaining a safe workplace and having an up-to-date Return to Work program can save you considerably.


More Information

To obtain a quotation or further information on Workers Compensation Insurance you can contact one of our experienced insurance brokers on 1300 503 503.      

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