About CivilCover

Civil Engineering is a very diverse and complex industry. As the scope of your work varies depending on your particular specialty, so do your individual business and insurance needs. However whether you work in construction, structural or geotechnical engineering, all civil engineers face risk factors that can affect your ability to work.

You play such an important role in society building some of the world’s most admired and necessary structures. These structures protect and look after so many people for years and even decades. But who is protecting you?

What would happen if you became injured or sick and were no longer able to work? You need to ensure you have the right cover in place to give you peace of mind so that no matter what happens, you and your family will be looked after.

What is CivilCover?

CivilCover is a specifically tailored insurance product made for engineering employees in NSW.

What does CivilCover offer the employee?

CivilCover provides civil engineering industry employees with income protection insurance for total disability resulting from accident or sickness.

It also provides New South Wales employees with Workers Compensation Top-Up insurance which compliments lump sum awards made under the Workers Compensation Act (NSW) 1987.

Some of the Key Benefits

  • Total disability benefit for disability resulting from an accident or sickness,
  • Full death cover and accidental death cover,
  • 2 year benefit period,
  • 30 day waiting period.

CivilCover is managed and administered by Coverforce.

Contact Us

To find out more call 1300 503 503 (Local call cost Australia wide) or email civilcover@coverforce.com.au