CivilCover Claims

Through CivilCover, you can make income protection claims directly through our team.

In order for your claim to be processed, please kindly provide us with:

  • Proof to our satisfaction of any event or condition establishing your entitlement or any insured persons entitlement to benefits under the policy.
  • Please note that benefits are payable in accordance with the terms of the policy.

For your claim to be valid, you must notify us immediately in writing of:

  • Any accident, illness or injury suffered by any insured person lasting for more than 30 days or,
  • Any other circumstances which may lead to a claim under the policy.

You and the insured person must comply with Hannover’s claim requirements. All information requested should be provided to Coverforce who will pass onto us for the purpose of assessing the claim. The information we require includes:

  • Completed claims forms,
  • Medical evidence and reports from treating doctors (we are entitled to have the insured employee examined by a medical practitioner or other qualified person nominated by us at our expense),
  • CivilCover employer statement,
  • Tax file number declaration form (issued by ATO),
  • Information or records relating to the income, attendance, and duties of the insured person,
  • A copy of your Job Description,
  • Certified copy of the death certificate of the insured person (if applicable),
  • You must authorise your workers compensation insurer to supply us with any information we require to determine any claim,
  • Any other information we deem necessary for the purpose of assessing the claim.

Please note: Whilst in receipt of a benefit under the policy, we may pay for the insured person to undergo a rehabilitation program, if it is deemed that the rehabilitation program will accelerate the insured person’s recovery or return to employment.