About PayCover

No one likes to think about bad things happening to themselves in the future such as a sickness, injury or even death. It can be a tough topic to raise and conversation to have.

However by avoiding these ‘uncomfortable’ conversations and turning a blind eye, we can create a much scarier future for ourselves. Imagine if something happened to you unexpectedly whether at work or not that meant you were unable to work.

How would you provide for yourself and those that depend on you?

By getting the right income protection insurance, you can stop worrying and feel at ease knowing that you’re covered no matter what happens in the future.

What is PayCover?

PayCover is a special purpose life insurance product purchased by employers for their employees.

What does PayCover offer the employee?

It provides a replacement income for employees who can’t work at full capacity or at all due to sickness or injury.

The amount of income insured by PayCover is the employee’s average income over the previous 12 months. This includes overtime and allowances paid to the employee.

The level of income PayCover gives back to the employee is in accordance with the level of cover you have purchased.

There are a range of different package types and levels to choose from including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Some of the Key Benefits

  • Between 80 – 100% income replacement for workplace disability
  • Between 80 – 90% income replacement for non-workplace disability
  • Maximum benefit period of 104 weeks

Did you know? PayCover also provides additional cover such as:

  • $20,000 death cover for an insured employee, or
  • $5,000 death cover for the insured employee’s spouse, homemaker’s assistance, rehabilitation assistance and return to work assistance.

PayCover is managed and administered by Coverforce.

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