How to prepare for a flood

How to prepare for a flood

Cyclone Debbie is the deadliest cyclone to affect Australia since Cyclone Tracy in 1974, killing twelve people, injuring many more and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. But the damage hasn’t stopped there.

Over 650 homes have been deemed uninhabitable in Queensland, and the Insurance Council of Australia said so far there have been over 13,000 claims made relating to Cyclone Debbie.

A large number of businesses and crops have been damaged in towns across Queensland and Northern New South Wales, causing millions of dollars of damage and sparking the very important question: how can you prepare your home and business for a flood?

If you live in a region that is known for flooding, it is important that you have an action plan in place for every type of flood. If you don’t have an action plan yet, the Victorian SES has guides to help you create your plan:

Flood action plan for your home
Flood action plan for your business

In addition to being prepared, there are a number of steps you should take when you know a flood is approaching.

  1. Keep monitoring the local radio, TV or the Bureau of Meteorology or SES websites for the latest flood advice. You can also contact the SES storm and flood emergency hotline on 132 500.
  2. Ensure your electricity and gas supplies are switched off at the mains.
  3. Elevate belongings if possible by moving them to higher ground or placing them on shelves, tables, and beds.
  4. Secure objects that are likely to come loose.
  5. Relocate livestock, equipment, and chemicals to higher ground if possible.
  6. If it is likely you will become isolated, ensure there are ample supplies of food, medication and petrol to last at least seven days.
  7. Most importantly – make sure you evacuate before the flood comes – floodwater is dangerous and attempting to walk or drive through it can put yourself and others at risk.

For more advice about protecting your property or business against the risk of a flood, speak to a Coverforce risk specialist on 1300 503 503 or submit your enquiry online here.


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