Maersk Honam Update

Maersk Honam Update

At 15:20 GMT on March 6, the captain of the shipping vessel Maersk Honnam reported a serious fire in the cargo hold and issued a distress signal for assistance. Twenty three crew members were evacuated. One evacuated crew member has died from injuries sustained in the incident, a further four crew members remain missing.

The vessel is carrying 7,860 containers, or some 12,416 TEUs, and is currently positioned approximately 900 nautical miles off the southeast coast of Salalah, Oman, en-route to Suez from Singapore.

With Singapore being a major transhipment hub for Australia originating cargos, there is a very real risk that a number of Australian businesses may be affected. Maersk have publicly stated that they will contact affected customers individually.

The insurance and coverage implications are still being determined, however it is likely additional factors such as general average will play a part.

Coverforce Insurance Brokers are on hand to answer any queries in regards to coverage concerns relating to this event for our clients. If you have any specific queries, or would simply like to discuss your coverage options, our Marine Specialist Ben Healey is available for any queries or concerns.

Information accurate as of 12 March 2018.

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