What is a Business Insurance Package?

A Business Insurance Pack (often called a ‘Business Pack’) provides insurance cover for small to medium sized businesses. Packages can be tailored just for you to meet all your individual business needs and requirements.

Who needs one?

You need a Business Insurance Package if:

  • You’re currently involved in a small to medium business,
  • You’re planning to start a new small to medium business.

This applies to you no matter what type of business or industry you’re a part of.

What does a typical Business Insurance Pack include?

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance Cover,
  • Protection against fire, theft, accidental and malicious damage done to your business (within the limits of the prescribed policy wording),
  • General Liability Insurance,
  • Business Insurance.

Plus, there are separate optional covers available within our policy. These allow you to tailor the policy specifically based on the risks and exposures faced by your business. This means that you don’t have to pay for cover you don’t need.

Important tips

  • Please note that some Business Insurance policies also cover motor vehicles that are predominantly used for business use.
  • To get the right package, it’s important you tell your insurance broker about all the activities your business is involved in. There could be certain endorsements or exclusions in your policy that could affect the full protection of your business.
  • It’s also worthwhile to note that Business Insurance packages don’t include Workers Compensation. If you need Workers Compensation, you need to get a separate policy.