What is Marine Hull Insurance?

Marine Hull insurance provides coverage for the vessel owner, operator and/or charterer in the event of loss or damage to their vessel.

Who needs it?

If you own, operate or charter a Commercial Watercraft, such as a Commercial Fishing boat, Workboat, Tug or Charter vessel, it is highly likely that you will need or have Marine Hull Insurance, and Protection and Indemnity.

How Coverforce can help

Whilst many insurers would like to have you use their inferior wording, Coverforce can negotiate coverage on the internationally recognised, and market standard, Institute Clauses.

What is covered?

A Coverforce arranged Marine Hull policy also includes ‘Accidental Damage’ cover as standard, providing an additional level of cover in the event Masters, Officers, or Crew cause damage to the vessel itself, its machinery, boilers, shafts or other mechanical items.

Marine Hull Insurance is a highly specialised area, and it is vital that you have a broker who understands the risks associated with Commercial Watercraft.