What is Marine Liability Insurance?

marine-liabilityMarine Liability Insurance is designed specifically for Marine Operators, Ship Repairer’s, Yachting and Boating Clubs and Freight Forwarders to protect you for both Legal Liability and Property Damage.

Unfortunately shipping accidents, incidents and injuries happen more often than we think. So it’s important to take the appropriate precautions, be careful, learn from others and get the right cover.

Who needs it?

You would benefit from Marine Liability Insurance if:

  • You’re a Ship Repairer,
  • You’re an import/export marine business,
  • You own a private Yacht,
  • You’re a Port Operator (Slipways and Marina’s),
  • You operate a Charter service.

What does Marine Insurance include?

It protects you for:

  • Loss of or damage to any other vessel or property,
  • Death, personal injury or illness,
  • Removal of wreck,
  • Loss of or damage to any vessel or craft in your care, custody or control,
  • Tenant’s liability,
  • Premises risks,
  • Car park liability,
  • Pollution,
  • Damage to cargo and lost cargo.

Important Tips

Most claims come from third party vessel damage. If you’re a boat repairer working on expensive boats, it would be worth getting Marine Liability Insurance to cover your back.