When it comes to driving, you can never be too careful and accidents are often out of your control. If you own a business and have a vehicle or group of vehicles, you could be leaving yourself open to countless expenses and ongoing paperwork.

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance provides coverage for your business motor vehicle or collection of vehicles. This type of insurance is suitable for a range of different vehicle types and motor fleet sizes.

The great thing about this policy is that you can manage all your business vehicles under the one policy, rather than multiple policies and unnecessary paperwork.

Who needs it?

If you work in any business that owns a motor vehicle or a group of vehicles, Motor Fleet Insurance is suitable for you.

What does Fleet Insurance include?

Coverage for your vehicle with a range of different options such as:

  • Comprehensive insurance,
  • Fire, theft and third party property damage,
  • Third party property damage only.

It also contains additional benefits tailored specifically for businesses including automatic additions and deletions, sign writing, greater driver flexibility and higher legal liability limits.

Important Tips

It’s best to keep all of your vehicles under the one policy as this can lower your overall premium costs.