What is Strata Title Insurance?

Strata Title Insurance (also known as body corporate insurance) provides cover for common properties managed under strata title legislation or a body corporate entity.

This policy is worth getting as it covers damage to the building itself as well as common property, including pathways, common contents, walls, fences, carpets on stairways and more. It gives you peace of mind that your building is protected.

Note: Body corporate is made up of the registered owners of the building (such as the individual apartment owners).

Who needs it?

You should consider getting Strata Title Insurance if:

  • You own a property within an apartment block,
  • You own a townhouse, villa, duplex, factory, warehouse or storage unit,
  • You own a retail shop or office.

What does Strata Title Insurance include?

Usually managed by an owner’s corporation or body corporate, Strata Title Insurance generally covers you for:

  • Buildings, including common contents and common property including lifts, pools, car parks, gardens, wiring, balconies, walls, ceilings etc.,
  • Liability (ranges from $5million to $20million) in the event that people are injured on common property,
  • Fidelity Guarantee,
  • Officer Bearers’ Liability,
  • Personal Accident,
  • Workers Compensation in NSW, WA, TAS and NT.

Important tips

  • Each state and territory have different legislative requirements in regards to Strata Title Insurance,
  • Your body corporate will usually arrange Strata Title Insurance on your behalf, however take the time to understand your specific coverage and requirements,
  • Although Strata Insurance includes common contents, make sure you also have your own contents cover for your belongings and for the elements Strata Insurance doesn’t cover,
  • Make sure you speak to your broker about what is and isn’t including in your policy.