Protecting your assets

According to, prices for houses and apartments in Sydney and Melbourne will continue to grow in 2017. Whereas prices in Perth will be low due to their low economic growth.

No matter where you choose to own any type of property, you need to ensure you’re covered.

Whether you own an apartment block, warehouse or shopping centre, we can help protect you against theft, flood or property damage.

The Property Industry is forever changing with foreign investment, urban living and affordability on the rise. As Australia’s leading insurance broker for Property Professionals, we keep on top of these changes for you.

What risks do you need to be covered for?

  • Damage done to your property from a variety of factors including vandalism, flood, fire or water damage.
  • Theft of property or goods by an employee or member of the public.
  • Workers Compensation if something was to happen to an employee at work.
  • Business Interruption due to the above factors that costs you a lot of money.

Contract reviews and negotiation

You can also access our FREE contract review to assess the Indemnity clauses and Insurance Provisions in your contracts. We advise on whether you have right type of coverage in place, and if your level of coverage is adequate.

Through this review, we can get a better understanding of your level of protection and make the best decision for your business.

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