Quad bikes pose risk for business

Quad bikes pose risk for business

A number of agricultural businesses require the use of quad bikes to conduct efficient operations on large tracts of land. The ease at which they allow workers to travel around farms and plantations have resulted in widespread adoption across the industry. However, a medical body has called on tighter regulation of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) following a series of injuries and deaths. The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has revealed data that claims quad bikes are responsible for eight to 11 per cent of all on-farm injuries.

More alarmingly, instances where the vehicle has rolled over account for 39 per cent of fatalities. They have also noted that seventeen children died in quad bike accidents between 2000 and 2005. College chairman Professor Daryl Walls says: “Information on their safe use should be available and promoted at point of sale, and there should be a requirement for the training of workers who operate quad bikes to ensure competence and knowledge of safety measures.”

He also has encouraged manufacturers to conduct research into design modifications that would allow for rollover protection. Businesses using quad bikes should carefully consider their safe usage in farm operations.

Agriculture companies should regard safe practices as a key risk management measure, along with business insurance to provide coverage in the event of injuries.

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