Recent spate of drownings sparks need to review insurance coverage

Recent spate of drownings sparks need to review insurance coverage

The festive season is a time for celebrating, spending time with friends and family, and when Australian summers are as hot as this one – head to the pool. With increased time around the water comes an increased risk. Drowning deaths in Australia occur year round but generally peak in January. This year has been no exception – in fact, there has been an unusually high spike in drownings this Christmas.

This brings home the importance of pool safety, proper fencing and supervision, as well as early education about the dangers of water. The question remains – which insurance policies do your landlords/tenants need to help cover them in case of an accident like a drowning? And who is responsible?


It is important that landlords have Building, Loss of Rent and Public Liability Insurance which would cover them for a drowning tragedy. Landlords may be required to obtain limited Contents coverage to include additional items around the home such as blinds which may not be covered under the definition of Buildings cover.


It is generally the responsibility of the tenants to arrange their own contents insurance. These kinds of policies will typically include a public liability component as well, meaning that if a drowning does occur at one of the properties you manage, insurers will need to be notified by all three parties:

  • Agent
  • Property Owner
  • Tenant

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