Smart Insurance Solutions for Community Colleges Australia members

Coverforce Insurance Broking have partnered with Community Colleges Australia (CCA) to provide its members with smart insurance solutions.


What is CommunityGuard? 

CommunityGuard is a group insurance scheme established for the benefit of the CCA.  Approaching the insurance market as a group has many benefits including:

  • We are able to leverage competitive premiums for you without the need to compromise on quality;
  • Policies are specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of members which eliminates paying for unnecessary cover;
  • Combines claims history helps to lower the risk to the insurer and therefore assists in lowering premiums.

Why do I need insurance? 

Unfortunately a not for profit status does not protect an organisation against claims from a third party or from those within. Whether it be an unhappy employee, or disgruntled board member, a not for profit organisation is just as susceptible to claims as a commercial enterprise.


Which insurance products can I access?

The CommunityGuard group insurance scheme involves a suite of tailored insurance products to provide comprehensive cover for office bearers, volunteers and of course the organisation’s property/assets etc.

The key insurance classes of the tailored insurance schemes are:

  • Public and Products Liability (PL);
  • Industrial Special Risks (ISR) including Buildings and Contents;
  • Association Liability; and
  • Personal Accident

The CommunityGuard group insurance scheme has been managed by Coverforce Insurance Broking since 2004. Coverforce is a market leader in the establishment and management of group insurance schemes.

The CommunityGuard group insurance scheme operates with a common renewal date of 31st May each year. New participants are able to join the scheme at any stage during the year on a pro-rata basis. With simple access to an easy to use online portal CommunityGuard members are able to update their information quickly.

Your CCA Account Manager

Nathan Brown
Executive General Manager
D: 02 9376 7853

Narumon Sech
CCA Claims Manager
D: 02 9376 7808