Tactics for the prevention of construction theft

Tactics for the prevention of construction theft

One crucial reason to get construction insurance is to ensure coverage for theft of materials on site. But there are a number of other common-sense strategies you can employ to minimise your chance of being burgled. A government report (June 2011) by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) states that theft of scrap metal is a constant occurrence at construction sites, in part due to the price of copper doubling since 2005. The report makes several recommendations about ways to ensure metal thieves don’t target your business.

  • Increase lighting at night when there is no supervision or security
  • Use theft deterrents and recovery systems
  • Construction companies should get in the habit of concealing metal supplies from plain sight. If a casual observer can see valuable materials from the street, so can thieves.
  • Copper can be painted to be disguised as a less valuable metal, while marking materials is another great way to limit the ability of stolen goods to be resold.
  • The AIC also recommends advertising that you practice this process clearly on your perimeter signage to further deter thieves.
  • Companies can also only plan to have goods delivered when they’re needed, as the longer materials sit unused on site, the more vulnerable they are to theft.

Of course, prevention isn’t a guarantee, so it’s important to have comprehensive builders or contractors insurance.

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