Maree and Allira are responsible for payroll. If you have a payroll enquiry they can be reached by email at:

Human Resources can be reached by email at:

First Aid Officers, Fire Wardens and OH&S Officers can be found in the ‘Our People’ section on intraforce.

You can get your Yammer and Promapp login from Aaron Paap in the IT department.

Follow the prompts here in the Promapp leave application process.

Follow the prompts here in the Promapp employee induction process.

Employees at Coverforce are paid weekly.

Depending on your office location, there may be a bike area available for use. Ask your manager about how you can gain access to them.

Coverforce employees should dress in business attire.

Coverforce office hours are between 8:30am – 5pm.

You can order stationery by using our internal stationery order system on intraforce.

You can lodge a marketing request by using our internal marketing request system on Intraforce.

Reception will help organise a swipe card for you. Standard access hours are 7:20am – 5:30pm.

You can find the claim expense process by logging into promapp and clicking on the finance process tab.

If you are sick, send a text message to HR on 0417 212 789 before 8am on the day you are unwell.

For annual leave, use a leave application form which can be found on intraforce in the ‘Our People’ section.

You can log into promapp and follow the ‘change password’ process found in the IT section.

For all IT related issues or queries you can drop a line to or log on intraforce and go the IT Helpdesk tab to log a request.