coverforce-insurance-brokers-australia-jim-angelis-120x120 Meet the Team

Jim Angelis

Chief Executive Officer

coverforce-insurance-brokers-jitendra-dutt-120x120 Meet the Team

Jitendra Dutt

Chief Financial Officer

coverforce-insurance-brokers-australia-jim-maladay-120x120 Meet the Team

Jim Malady

Managing Director, Coverforce Victoria

coverforce-insurance-brokers-andrew-ferguson-120x120 Meet the Team

Andrew Ferguson

Chief Business Development Officer

coverforce-insurance-brokers-australia-nathan-brown-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Nathan Brown

Executive General Manager, Insurance Broking NSW

680B0849_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Matthew Crawford

Executive General Manager, Employee Benefits

680B0828_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Tuong Do

Executive General Manager, IT

arnold.fw_-120x120 Meet the Team

Arnold de Ramos

Executive General Manager, Finance

680B0819_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Kasey Richmond

Legal Counsel

Insurance Broking NSW - Corporate

680B0909_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Julie Gidaro

Senior Account Executive

680B0865_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Michael Burns

Senior Account Executive

IMG_1449-e1488757034207-120x120 Meet the Team

Patrick Rafferty

Executive Assistant

Insurance Broking NSW - Schemes

coverforce_20160307_392-e1479942671819-120x120 Meet the Team

Drewe Hignett

Account Executive

coverforce_20160307_211-e1479942730251-120x120 Meet the Team

Elizabeth Prior

Account Executive

coverforce_20160307_462-e1479942821780-120x120 Meet the Team

Srini Gokul

Account Executive

coverforce_20160307_268-e1479942610451-120x120 Meet the Team

Stacey McGauran

Account Executive

lukemcmahon-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Luke McMahon

Account Executive

Insurance Broking NSW - SME

coverforce_20160307_335-e1479943358188-120x120 Meet the Team

John Angelis

Account Executive

mystery-120x120 Meet the Team

Shireen Munit

Account Executive

SimoneT-120x120 Meet the Team

Simone Timamopoulos

Assistant Account Executive

coverforce_20160307_286-e1479943282839-120x120 Meet the Team

Yianni Gourlas

Account Executive

Peter-Ghaleb-e1479942960388-120x120 Meet the Team

Peter Ghaleb

Trade Credit Specialist

Insurance Broking VIC

RobertHaworth-120x120 Meet the Team

Robert Haworth

Associate Director

AndrewPaul-120x120 Meet the Team

Andrew Paul

Divisional Manager, Client Management and Acquisition

MichaelRoberts-120x120 Meet the Team

Michael Roberts

Divisional Manager, Claims and Credit Enhancement

MatthewKohler-120x120 Meet the Team

Matthew Kohler

Divisional Manager, Client Services

RodMartin-120x120 Meet the Team

Rod Martin

Divisional Manager, Broking Service

004U0804-120x120 Meet the Team

Gareth Nicholls

National Credit Insurance Manager

004U0844-120x120 Meet the Team

Jarrod Watson

Senior Account Executive

Peter-120x120 Meet the Team

Peter Lynch

Account Executive – Credit Enhancement

AndrewWang-120x120 Meet the Team

Andrew Wang

Account Executive

ClintStephens-120x120 Meet the Team

Clint Stephens

Account Executive

TamaraJenkins-120x120 Meet the Team

Tamara Jenkins

Account Executive

RoulaChronis-120x120 Meet the Team

Roula Chronis

Account Executive

Michael-Hellis-120x120 Meet the Team

Michael Hellis

Account Executive

MelaniePereira-120x120 Meet the Team

Melanie Pereira

Claims Officer

Phil-Davis-120x120 Meet the Team

Phil Davis

Claims Officer

RuthSpeirs-120x120 Meet the Team

Ruth Speirs

Compliance Manager

Sue-120x120 Meet the Team

Susan Weaver


Claims - Employee Benefits

coverforce_20160307_327-e1479944010427-120x120 Meet the Team

Greg Pauling

Senior Claims Consultant and Trainer

coverforce_20160307_440-e1479944052669-120x120 Meet the Team

Dave Austin

Senior Claims Consultant

JenniferG-120x120 Meet the Team

Jennifer Grocott

Senior Claims Consultant

coverforce_20160307_470-e1479944327454-120x120 Meet the Team

Jonathan Rodas

Claims Consultant Team Leader

680B0998_colour-120x120 Meet the Team

Michael Crawford

Claims Consultant
Team Leader

coverforce_20131205_665-120x120 Meet the Team

Abigail Ajes

Claims Consultant

coverforce_20160307_310-e1479944431553-120x120 Meet the Team

Arghand Fawad

Claims Consultant

mystery-120x120 Meet the Team

Ashleigh Robin

Claims Consultant

coverforce_20160307_425-e1479944570199-120x120 Meet the Team

Ben McGarvey

Claims Consultant

JenniferA-120x120 Meet the Team

Jennifer Armodoros

Claims Consultant

Jason-120x120 Meet the Team

Jason Innes

Claims Consultant

Claims - Broking

004U0010-120x120 Meet the Team

Christopher Edwards

Broking Claims Manager

andreaschulz-239x239-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Andrea Schultz

Claims Executive

joeg-120x120 Meet the Team

Joe Gagliardi

Claims Executive

narumon-120x120 Meet the Team

Narumon Sech

Claims Executive

keith-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Keith Koch

Claims Executive

Policy Services

coverforce_20131205_594-120x120 Meet the Team

Maree Angelis

Policy Services Manager

coverforce_20160307_366-120x120 Meet the Team

Sukhdeep Kaur

Policy Services Consultant
(Currently on maternity leave)

Victoria-179x179-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Victoria Angelis

Policy Services Consultant

mystery-120x120 Meet the Team

Vicky Mihaere

Employee Entitlement Consultant

irene-120x120 Meet the Team

Irene Wu

Policy Services Officer


IMG_1912-e1491867093407-120x120 Meet the Team

Jason Mann

Managing Director

gerardgreen-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Gerard Green


coverforce_20160307_223-e1479943415817-120x120 Meet the Team

Shane de Kretser


IMG_56401-120x120 Meet the Team

Belinda Davis

Senior Claims Executive

Business Development - Employee Benefits

AshleyMayne-120x120 Meet the Team

Ashley Mayne

Business Development

harrye-120x120 Meet the Team

Harry Early

Business Development

jodiek-120x120 Meet the Team

Jodie Kornet

Business Development

KarenBristow-120x120 Meet the Team

Karen Bristow

Business Development

Madeleine-120x120 Meet the Team

Madeleine Flanagan

Business Development


iStock_000060726526_XXXLarge-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Allira Keys

Operations Manager (Currently on maternity leave but working from home)

coverforce_20160307_409-e1479944832443-120x120 Meet the Team

Peggy Li

Broker Services Manager

kirra_parr-230x230-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Kirra Lee Parr



Vishal-Deshpande-e1479945728868-120x120 Meet the Team

Vishal Deshpande

Management Accountant

Elle-Hu-e1479945790624-120x120 Meet the Team

Elle Hu

Financial Accountant

Sammy-Liu-e1479945844588-120x120 Meet the Team

Sammy Liu

Assistant Accountant

May-Leung-428x428-1-120x120 Meet the Team

May Leung

Financial Accountant

Christina-Yu-e1479945922678-120x120 Meet the Team

Christina Yu

Assistant Accountant (Currently on maternity leave)

rachel-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Rachel Wong

Financial Accountant


Aaron-Paap-120x120 Meet the Team

Aaron Paap

Senior Network Administrator

Muhammad-Shahzad-234x234-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Muhammad Shahzad

Senior Business Intelligence Developer


Kalinda-Atkinson-e1479946047273-120x120 Meet the Team

Kalinda Atkinson

Marketing Manager, Digital

Corinne-Cowlishaw-231x231-1-120x120 Meet the Team

Corinne Cowlishaw

Marketing Manager, Communications