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Protect your project with great value Owner Builder Insurance

Renovating your own home or embarking on a new construction project is an exciting adventure, but it also comes with inherent risks. Just like a licensed builder, owner-builders are responsible for any unforeseen events during construction.

Owner builder insurance can protect your investment from common threats like bad weather, water damage, vandalism, theft, public liability, and more. Coverforce take the complexity out of owner-builder insurance, providing you with reliable, great value cover so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

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Owner Builder Contract Works & Public Liability

Also known as Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Insurance, this product provides cover for potential risks owner builders face when carrying out a new build or renovation project.

Owner Builder Insurance cover typically comprises of two key sections:

  • Material Damage
    Material Damage cover protects an Owner Builder for losses caused by hazards such as fire, storm, impact, wind, and water damage, vandalism, and theft (including materials left outdoors).
  • Public Liability
    Public Liability Insurance provides protection against third party claims resulting from personal injuries and/or damage to property arising from your building project. Public Liability Insurance can cover both your legal costs to defend a claim and settlement costs in the event you are found legally liable.

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Please note: Quotes may take longer where: Raising, Lowering, or Restumping forms part of your project, where you have already commenced work on your project or where your property is heritage listed.

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Other Owner Builder Insurances

In addition to Owner Builder Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance, our team are fully licensed insurance brokers and can assist with you with any other insurance products you may require including:

Personal Accident Insurance provides income protection for workplace related disability caused by accidental injury or sickness. A typical policy can provide replacement income, homemaker benefits, loss of life benefits and rehabilitation/return to work assistance.

If you are physically working on your project site, and/or having friends or family help with any of the work, you'll also need Voluntary Workers cover. A typical policy can provide financial compensation and cover for expenses in the event of accidental death or disablement of someone providing volunteer work.

Workers Compensation Insurance can also be an important consideration. It is administered differently between states however a typical policy can provide financial assistance to anyone you engage for your construction work in the event they sustain an injury or become ill from their work.

Owner Builder Home Warranty Insurance benefits the subsequent purchaser of your property, not you as the Owner Builder. The policy provides cover in the event that you as the Owner Builder die, disappear or become insolvent, and the building works are incomplete or defective.

To find out more about Owner Builder Insurance requirements across Australia, read our full article here.

To request further information or a quote for any of the insurance products above, contact us for assistance from an experienced insurance broker.

Please note: Voluntary Workers Insurance is also quoted as an option when you request an Owner Builder Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance quote.

Why Choose Coverforce?

At Coverforce, we understand what it takes to complete a successful owner builder project - that's why we work just as hard to protect them. When you work with a Coverforce broker, you can expect:

Customer focused

Rapid Quotes

95% of online quotes are sent back to the customer in less than 30 minutes (even outside business hours).

Customer focused

Market leading rates

We leverage our strong position and reputation in the market to negotiate robust coverage at competitive rates.

Insurance Broking team

Expert Risk Advice

Our clients come to us when they need smart insurance solutions that won't let them down when it's time to claim.

Insurance Broking team

Dedicated claims team

Should a claim arise, we will be by your side. Our team will work with the insurer on your behalf to get your full entitlement without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

An owner builder is an individual who chooses to construct a new dwelling, or renovate an existing one, on their own property without engaging a licensed builder. In essence, the owner builder takes on the role of a registered builder, assuming responsibility for overseeing subcontractors, and sometimes doing the work themselves.

In order to become an approved owner builder, you must apply for the required owner builder permit from your respective state.

Owner builders are responsible for any subcontractors, workers or visitors to the construction site and hence can be liable in the event someone gets injured. Insurance requirements vary for different states and every owner builder has unique risks with different insurance requirements.

No. There is no insurance product in the market for owner builders who are doing projects that are pool projects that are greater than 25% of the total construction cost. This includes pool surroundings, and pool houses.

The project value is the costs to complete your construction project. This includes the total cost of materials, fees, and labour.

Existing structures are structures that existed at the project site prior to works commencing. This includes garages, sheds & granny flats.

The insurance is valid during the construction period. Cover ceases on completion of the works or the policy expiry date, whichever occurs first.

There is no refund for early completion. Cover ceases on completion of the construction works or the policy expiry date, whichever occurs first.

The quote is valid for 30 days.

Once you decided which insurer’s quote you wish to proceed with, simply complete that insurer’s proposal, sign & return to - ownerbuilder@coverforce.com.au. We’ll send you a confirmation once the policy has been established.

No. Insurance companies do not offer stand alone Liability cover for owner builders.

No. Voluntary Workers can only be taken in conjunction with an Owner Builder policy.

No. There is no insurance product in the market for owner builders who are doing projects that are on an island that does not have road access from the mainland.

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Please note: Quotes may take longer where: Raising, Lowering, or Restumping forms part of your project, where you have already commenced work on your project or where your property is heritage listed.

Owner Builder Insurance Service Team

Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly team members below for expert support and advice on owner builder insurances and requirements across Australia:

Kym Dabrowski
(Monday to Wednesday)

T: 02 9376 7933
E: kym_dabrowski@coverforce.com.au

Flora Sofianos
(Thursday & Friday)

T: 02 9376 7826
E: flora_sofianos@coverforce.com.au

Wayne Manley
Executive General Manager

T: 02 9376 7850
E: wayne_manley@coverforce.com.au

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