Did you know that volunteers are not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?

Volunteers play such an important and selfless part in keeping many causes and projects alive. To keep this industry alive, we need we make sure our volunteers are protected and feel confident that they’d be properly looked after if they injured themselves at work.

What is Volunteer Insurance?

Volunteer Insurance is also known as Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance or Volunteer Accident Insurance. It protects your volunteers if they are injured while undertaking voluntary work.

Who needs it?

If you’re an association that has volunteers or a non-paid management committee, it’s strongly recommended that you get Voluntary Workers Insurance.

Note: It’s important not to forget about your board of management. They play a big influence in the direction of your business and should also be protected.

What does Voluntary Workers Insurance include?

As we understand the value of volunteers for many businesses, this type of insurance is affordable and flexible.

Depending on the options chosen, it can also provide cover for accidental death, disablement and incapacity to carry out normal duties.

Important tips

  • Check with your broker to see if your policy protects your volunteers to and from work,
  • Age limits are always noted on the schedule of insurance. If your volunteers fall outside these limits, you should ask your insurance broker to review these,
  • Make sure you always keep good documentation of accidents or incidents (including witnesses) that may become a claim in the future. Most claims are received many years after the event so it’s important to have all the right information on hand just in case.